Upcoming Events

Honey invites inquiries and ideas for events.

We envision being a cozy, safe, and inclusive space for a variety of events. 

Honey will curate public events that align with Honey's ethos, morals, and intentions.  

Jocasta Hanson has 20+ years of work experience in the restaurant industry.  She has a natural and educated understanding of people, and her life’s purpose is ignited by transpersonal psychology.

Jocasta spent the last decade dedicated to her own personal path of healing, a majority of that time focused solely on her severe chronic spinal injury. She immersed herself in spiritual and health culture, and found her own direction by discerning between what actually heals and what is an over-marketed trend. She found that ‘health’ is multi-faceted and complex.


When presented with the opportunity to start a business, she looked at all the areas and experiences of her past to bring to life her passion and belief in what heals:

Mental Health, Community, Nutrition, Comfort/Safety, Dedication/Discipline, Art, Music, Accountability, Mindfulness, Physical Activity/Movement, Nature, Purpose, and Giving Back.


Honey is her valiant effort at creating a space in which all of these things are present and shared with others.

Jo envisioned Honey as a hub for healing; where conscious consumption and community connection are the foundation on which she built a fun, funky, and full-sensory ‘bar’ experience. 


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